Saturday, July 11, 2009


Tested. That's how I feel. Have you ever had (which I'm sure you have) moments in your life where you feel like what seems like everyone is pointing you in the face and saying "No, You Can't." It's defeating and exactly what I feel like.

There's not words you can say to push that finger out of your face and say "Yes, I will make it through." The only words are words of hope from our Savior. That can save you from such a moment of defeat.

But isn't faith in the Lord, the hardest lesson to learn. It is so easy to give once you just surrender to him and give it... but if you are as stubborn as me... it is a mighty long and bumpy road to finally surrendering everything to him. But that's the beautiful thing... He's always there waiting on you.. not matter how long it takes. God is a forever God... not a "when I feel like it" God. How blessed am I to deserve such love? I think God can be a forever God... because of everything he has gone through tough stuff. He's learned what it means to be hurt and ridiculed.

People always says "If there was a God, there wouldn't be pain in the world." Wouldn't be pain? God made the ultimate sacrifice for you and me... and that would be his very own Son to die for the sins of man... my petty stupid sins. Imagine sacrificing your own child at the expense of someone else's mistakes. That's pain. And Jesus himself.. being tortued at the expense of you and me... That is agony. So if they had to endure such monsterous amounts of agony... why do people expect to live perfectly.. in such a pain free world. It just amazes me.

Although I say I have been tested.. yeah.. i'd rather not be.. but Lord I am thankful for my trials I have been through. I get through them... and that is good enough for me. Love of the Lord, my family and everyone.. gets me through.

Live. Laugh. Love.


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