Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trip down memory lane...

When I was bored last night I began looking at old family pictures. My mom stores our pictures in a tuperware storage bin. I sat looking for atleast 2 hours. But, have you ever just done that? Sit and take in your infantcy... your childhood.. those horrible teen years. Then you look at yourself now and think where on earth did all that go. But I realized.. just how "crazy" and "beautiful" my life has been. I had to pull out a couple of pictures though that I just looked at them and just smiled.

First, I found pictures of my sister and I opening gifts. In the first picture, I look super intrested in this present as I'm trying to chew it open (I was probably 2 or so). The second picture, if you look its a toothbrush. That's where I had a smile hit me. Then the third picture, I am showcasing my toothbrush. The final picuture I'm clinging to this toothbrush. It is so funny to me, I guess my love for dental started then. Thanks Mom and Dad! haha.

I found a picture of Drew (for those of you who know who he is in my families lives) and myself asleep on a summer morning... just sleeping in. It is so cute. Then there is a picture of us playing his speak and say game. He was so tiny! It is unbelievable how big he is and how far he has come! He will be 15 this year. I can hardly phathom that.

I found pictures of my twirling days and my cheering days. It's funny to look back at those and think how active I was! And I know I will get a laugh or two for this... but I was SO TINY! Gosh Mom, you should of fed me the whole fridge. Haha!

One of my favorite things I came across though, was oddly enough was my Great Great possibly another Great Aunt Gertha Fraizer McMinn's obituary. She was an amazing woman who lived 105 almost 106 years. She had 10 kids!!! I was lucky enough to know her! But I learned some things about her from her obituary that I didn't know. She had only a 3rd grade level education because had to work her families farm. She was a window since 1934... she didn't die until 2001 and never remarried. She said once when she was 92 and caught jumping down her front porch steps... her son asked her why she did that "She said she didn't want to wear out her front steps." She walked 7 miles a day back and forth between home and where she went to pick cotton... no wonder why she lived so long... imagine being that healthy! She wore out 2 pacemakers and only visted the doctor three times in her long lived life. Imagine living through three different centuries. 1895-2001... wow.

Having this moment I guess... or two hours (haha) just really made me thankful. I encourage anyone to just sit down and look at pictures if you get the time. You'll find yourself in those moments again.

Update from the cruise crew: They are still having a blast! I haven't received an email but I did recieve a call from St. Martin today from my Mom... sadly I was sleepy and slept through the call. I'm kind of bummed :(.

Until next time...
Live. Laugh. Love


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