Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happiness and Joy.

I was listening to one of the christian radio stations and there was an excerpt on the difference between happiness and joy.

Simply stated:
Happiness is something temporary. If I gave you 1 million dollars, you'd be happy, right? If I took it away, well, let's just say you'd not be too happy.
Joy is contagious, promising and unending. Joy can mark an important occasion in your life or can persevere through even the deepest pain.

I thought about it more. There is a difference. I get happy about things: seeing people, having good things happen to me, being happy with a person for a long period of time and etc. Then if you really think about it, sometimes you won't always see the people you want to, sometimes bad things happen to good people and sometimes the people you love walk out of your life. We fall into sadness, depression, questioning and hurt.

Joy comes from deep within. True joy comes from Jesus Christ. I realized through it all, I still continue to trust in the one I call Savior and make my heart his. I still have the same JOY in Christ as I did when I walked down the isle at 8 years old and claimed him as my Eternal Father. My happiness may become robbed but my JOY... my HOPE.. my FAITH last forever in God. If all happiness in this world stemmed not from one person or one thing but from the JOY we receive from the Lord, the world would be so different. In these times, I need to remind myself that I have the best kind of joy in my heart that surpasses any happiness that I may become robbed of. I challenge myself and you to stem your happiness in life off the JOY you receive in the name of Jesus Christ.

I choose JOY.

Live. Laugh. Love.


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