Saturday, August 1, 2009

Operation: Save a Smile and the Dorcas House

Today was a big day for me. Operation: Save a Smile had its first donation. 70 toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss went to the ladies and children of the Dorcas House. I was absolutley thrilled to have the opportunity and it's something that I will carry with me for a long time. You can learn a lot through other women and through others if you just listen.

I was really humbled from this experience. I was really nervous these past couple of days stressing over what I should say and how long should it be. I had a formal lesson all played out in my head to give to these 20 some odd women and 30 kids. The Lord has a good way in working in situations like these and taking hold of it in such a way work can be done for him.

I walked in expecting to see people waiting. But a little girl was having a birthday party, so I set my things in a corner.. kind of unsure how I would get others attention and how I would go about this. My mom gave me some valuable advice: Go talk to them. So I walked over and instead of talking my dental hygiene jargon, I experienced these ladies... this little girls birthday. I got to know these ladies on a different level than as a dental professional. I walked back over to the table and was swarmed with questions and wants for toothbrushes. there were tons of kids hanging on my mom. The love and appreciation from these women and children was contagious... people with really nothing to call their own except their clothing... people with "nothing"... had everything in their heart. The Lord humbled me... he taught me to just listen to these women and their story. How beautiful... talk about being humbled.

The Dorcas house was named after a woman named "Dorcas" or "Tabitha," as she is referred to in the bible. Dorcas did good for the name of the Lord. She helped the poor, she sewed clothes for those in need, she helped widows (you can find her story through Acts). One day Dorcas fell in and she soon died. She was raised from the dead later by Peter. Through her resurrection and good works, Dorcas spread the name of the Lord to her land in Joppa. There are tons of things to learn from a simple but extraordinary woman like Dorcas: God commands us as Christians to love the unlovable and help the needy... it is truly our testiment. It's our walk to go along with our talk and unbelievers are watching you.

The verse James 2:26 stands out to me about being like Dorcas: As the body without spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is also. My translation: Faith without action is dead. You can talk the talk all you want, but its your walk that testifies to others.

My challenge to you: Be a Dorcas for somebody. Help out a handicap individual, buy a homeless man a meal or just donate clothing you don't wear. You may think its nothing but it is my belief (and I've learned this from my parents), The Lord and his angels are found in a lot of different people. How beautiful it is, to do something small in this big scheme of things. You never know, the person you may help out is an angel in diguise... and you just pleased the Lord. Be glad and be thankful for little moments like this.

Live. Laugh. Love


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